Evolves with You

2X-SITE was established in 2006 with a vision to provide market-leading helmets and accessories with superior quality, safety and designs in line with the customers' ever-evolving needs. To achieve this we paid close attention to the riding community's changing needs and followed their latest developments closely.

We observed how motorcycle technology, safety regulations, lifestyles and trends have evolved over time and took note of how these changes affect our customers' expectations. We organised motorcycling events across the country to create meaningful first-hand connections with our target customers. We asked questions about their ideals and aspirations as a rider. We listened. We evolved with our customers. Because we are riders as well.

Beyond Safety

Adopting this customer-focussed approach allowed us to see what other manufacturers could not. It provided us with insights beyond the basic safety role of a helmet. We learned that riders expected more than just protection from their helmets - and we were determined to meet, and exceed those expectations.

With these market insights as guidance, 2X-SITE introduced X-Dot, Grantorc, Grayfosh and Gracshaw, four distinctive range of helmets designed to cater to specially identified niche markets with specific preferences. In addition to uncompromising safety standards, our products are also affordably priced with the added advantage of stylish designs.

Helming A Quality Revolution

Our total commitment to understanding and evolving in line with our customers' needs has catapulted the 2X-SITE brand to a strong market position within a relatively short period of time. And we have absolutely no intentions to rest on our laurels. Moving forward, we will continue to innovate to provide our customers with even more cutting edge quality and trendsetting designs with an ever-keen emphasis on safety.


To be a world-class leading manufacturer of motorcycle helmets and accessories that evolves with its customers' needs, demands and expectations.


To inspire the next generation of motorcycle enthusiasts by producing helmets and accessories that are avant-garde in style, excellent in quality and cutting-edge in technology.


When you choose a 2X-SITE product, impeccable quality and precision comes as standard. Our craftsmen strive to exceed the highest standards of quality, comfort and value that meet international standards to offer the finest workmanship from creation to production.


All of our helmets are in compliance with the standards set by either the Malaysian Standards of MS 1:1996 (SIRIM) or the ECE 22.05 Helmet Safety Standard. As part of our stringent test procedures, every batch of helmets are sent to our Quality Assurance team where they are meticulously and thoroughly inspected and tested in every aspect to ensure your absolute safety and satisfaction, before they are even delivered to the market and into your hands.